Brilliant Colors: How One Jellyfish Set Science Aflame

Left: Foxfire in the fungus Panellus stipticus. Center: A fish with luminescent scales. Right: A firefly with a luminescent lower abdomen.
The Aequorea victoria jellyfish (left) and a group of jellyfish emitting soft blue, bioluminescent light (right).
The three-dimensional protein structure of GFP, including a look at the chromoprotein within the barrel. Courtesy of Erin Rod.
A look at some of the fluorescent proteins created by Roger Tsien, demonstrating a brilliant palette of colors.
Top left: cell cortex with GFP. Top right: Neural cells expressing a vast array of different fluorescent proteins. Bottom right: The cortex of a mouse brain with GFP. Bottom left: Cancer cells in the Golgi apparatus is tagged with orange, microtubules with green and DNA in blue.
An agar plate streaked with bacteria that express different fluorescent proteins. Made by Roger Tsien himself.

Science journalism at NYU. Previously Caltech, Imperial College. #SynBio newsletter: Web:

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